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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) FAQs on Cookies

by Other | Other - Law Firms | 08/05/2019

When the CCPA was enacted last year BCLP published a Practical Guide to help companies reduce the requirements of the Act into practice. Following publication of the Guide we wrote a series of articles that addressed companies’ most frequently asked questions concerning the CCPA. The Guide, and the FAQ series, contributed to JD Supra naming BCLP as the 2019 “Top” law firm in the area of Data Collection & Data Use (i.e., data privacy). There is a great deal of confusion surrounding what impact the CCPA will have on the use of cookies – and in particular third party behavioral advertising cookies. In order to address that topic, we have collected our cookies-related FAQs and have republished them here as a “handbook” that companies can use when trying to understand the impact that the CCPA will have on their use of first and third party cookies, as well as behavioral advertising networks. The articles also help explain the impact that the CCPA will have on the AdTech world in general. We hope that you find this a valuable resource.

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What Insurers Need to Know About New York’s SHIELD Act

A Q&A with Laurie Kamaiko of Saul, Ewing, Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Going into effect in its entirety on March 21, 2020, the New York SHIELD (Stop Hacking and Improve Electronic Data Security) Act updates previous data security laws while creating more obligations and potential concerns for companies and their cyber insurers. We asked Laurie Kamaiko of Saul, Ewing, Arnstein and Lehr about this legislation and how insurers can prepare for its implementation.

01/29/20 | Junto Plus

HHS Breach Data

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