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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) FAQs on Service Providers

by Other | Other - Law Firms | 08/05/2019

When the CCPA was enacted last year, BCLP published a Practical Guide to help companies reduce the requirements of the Act to practice. We followed the publication of the Guide with a series that addressed companies’ most frequently asked questions concerning the CCPA. The series contributed to JD Supra naming BCLP as the 2019 “Top” law firm in the legal area of Data Collection & Data Use (i.e., data privacy). One of the greatest areas of confusion caused by the CCPA is what impact the Act will have on service providers. In order to address that topic, we have collected our FAQs that specifically deal with the interaction between a business and its service providers and have republished them here in order to provide a “handbook” that companies can use when trying to understand how the CCPA impacts the relationships formed with service providers.

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Cyber Risk and the Construction Industry

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HHS Breach Data

Number Reported: 1928

Latest Incident
Capital Nephrology
# of Records:
Type of Breach:
Hacking/IT Incident