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Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act update

Seventh Circuit rules that some, but not all, BIPA violations will confer Article III standing

by Other | Other | 05/07/2020

On May 5, 2020, in Bryant v. Compass Group U.S.A., Inc., the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decided a related question under federal law, specifically, whether a BIPA plaintiff has Article III standing to pursue claims in federal court without alleging any harm beyond a statutory violation of BIPA. The Seventh Circuit’s answer: It depends on which provision of BIPA is at issue. In

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The risks of social media use are real and frightening: Identity theft, phishing, and now deepfakes can be perpetrated with the information we’ve willingly exposed about ourselves. From just a few small clues, a threat actor can target you or your business, open a credit card in the name of your child, or commit wire fraud.
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