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2019 Data Breach Investigations Report - At a Glance

by Other | Verizon Enterprise Solutions | 08/14/2019

Back in 2014 we identified nine incident patterns that cover most of the threats likely to be faced. 98.5% of security incidents and 88% of confirmed data breaches continue to fall into these across the 2019 report. Pattern consistency allows security professionals to prioritize spend when looking at investments on IT/OT/IoTSecurity.

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A Q&A with Winston Krone, Kivu

Unfortunately, for now, it appears that ransomware attacks, wherein hackers encrypt data and hold the decryption key for a sum of money, are here to stay. That leaves the attacked organization with a tough quandary: whether or not to actually give in to the criminal’s demands. We talked to Kivu’s Winston Krone about the latest thinking on when it’s appropriate to pay the ransom.

09/04/19 | Junto Plus

HHS Breach Data

Number Reported: 1928

Latest Incident
Capital Nephrology
# of Records:
Type of Breach:
Hacking/IT Incident