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Spotlight Retail - Cyber Claims Study

by Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence | NetDiligence® | 06/18/2019

NetDiligence® is pleased to release this spotlight report on cyber claims within the Retail sector. From our dataset of over 1,200 claims provided by our insurance partners, we have classified and analyzed 124 claims from the Retail sector. These claims provide insight into losses sustained from cyber events during the five-year period 2013–2017. Because a large majority of people purchase goods and services using payment cards, and because the attack surface presented by both brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce organizations is vast and full of vulnerabilities, it should come as no surprise that malicious actors target the Retail sector to steal credit and debit card information. For these reasons, we have seen more claims involving payment card data and PCI issues in Retail than in other sectors.

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eDiscovery and Data Breaches

When used in the wake of a data breach, eDiscovery tools can help companies manage their legal and regulatory risks through the inventory of compromised sensitive information. At the Net Diligence Cyber Risk Summit, we spoke to Carolyn Purwin Ryan of Cipriani & Werner and Larry Brown of Epiq about how these technologies help companies improve both incident response and litigation readiness.

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HHS Breach Data

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