Lapsus$, Okta and the Health Sector

Other | 04/07/2022

What does all this mean for the HPH?
• When comparing Lapsus$ motivations and tactics to health sector operations, the health sector is within
their scope of targeting:
oThey steal data for extortion purposes
oThey target managed service providers
oTheir operations are global, and they look for targets of opportunity
• While law enforcement has began pressuring the group and even arresting some alleged members,
operations are expected to continue.
oOther members will very likely continue to operate under the Lapsus$ banner or as part of another group
oThe geographic diversity of this group will make them especially difficult to permanently quash
• The diversity of their tactics, and their lack of reliance of specific malware variants, make them very difficult
to detect or stop.
• They have already compromised healthcare organizations and have no reason to stop.

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