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Preparedness for a Cyber Incident: Developing an Incident Response Plan, Identifying the Team and Practising

by Other | Baker McKenzie | 06/19/2020

No organisation of any scale presently operates without substantial reliance on information technology – servers, desktops, mainframes, cloud computing infrastructure, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, programmable logic controllers and internet of things devices are but a few of the technologies and systems used in the modern IT environment. Unfortunately, these systems constantly face a range of internal and external cybersecurity threats – from the routine to the advanc...

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Over the past decade, organizations have increasingly shed their on-site email systems in favor of cloud-hosted services. This has brought a myriad of benefits, particularly improved access to information and communication tools as well as cost savings. Unfortunately, this transformation has also increased the risk of business email compromise (BEC) events.
08/19/20 | Junto Plus