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Ransomware 2020

How Threat Actors are Holding Businesses Hostage

by Other | NetDiligence® | 06/12/2020

Chances are, your business has already been targeted by ransomware. The perpetrators of this wide-ranging cyber menace have only gotten bolder and more sophisticated in their approach, says Adam Meyers, VP of Intelligence at CrowdStrike. “Over the past year, CrowdStrike Intelligence has not only witnessed an increase in ransomware incidents, but a maturation of tactics employed by cyber criminals and growing ransom demands. One trend we have witnessed in particular is what we’ve coined Big Game Hunting, in which we see criminals target businesses for large ransom payouts through lowvolume tactics with high-returns. Today’s sophisticated eCrime actors often target networks, utilize advanced techniques to circumvent security tools and then deploy ransomware to the network.”

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